No longer available.  Special keepsake that is signed by Santa himself and personalized with the Santa Tracker’s name!  Santa Trackers are telling us that this is the best certificate ever!

No longer available.  Must haves for Santa Trackers! Really special 60th Anniversary logo edition t-shirts are wonderfully decorated with extra color accents on the front and back just like the Hoodies to make them really exceptional. Choose from a wide selection of both child and adult sizes.

No longer available.  Customers are loving these!   Did you know that this year was the first full moon on Christmas since 1977 and the next one won’t be until 2034 -at which time your 5 year old will be 24!  Just one more reason why you need to order this special 60th Anniversary full moon edition.  Truly comfortable and fashionable Pullover Hoodie with great hand warming pouch!   Customers are raving about the quality and comfort of these and you’ll bring it out year after year just like all of your favorite Christmas treasures.

Happy 6Oth Anniversary Norad Tracks Santa!

What a wonderful 6O years it has been for Santa Trackers!  Each year NORAD brings mirth & cheer and FUN to friends & families around the world!  We at ITrackedSanta.com are so proud to be part of this wonderful tradition.  Happy 60th NORAD and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and supporters that make the magic happen!


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